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European businesses pay too much for telecom services

Posted by Ron Rijkenberg on Fri, Nov 27, 2015

European companies are still paying too much for telecommunication services such as telephony (fixed and mobile), text messaging and data usage on mobile devices. Particularly when used across international borders. While roaming charges -  the additional costs associated with data usage abroad - will no longer apply in 2017, the real problem to our opinion is, the patchwork European climate. 

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The abolition of mobile roaming charges

Getting rid of roaming charges is a step in the right direction, but not enough. In our opinion, companies won't be saving much with the abolition of mobile roaming charges. Providers will simply find another way to make money.

Companies paying too much for their telecom

Complexity of the European and global telecom market is the real problem

The real problem companies facing is the complexity of the European and global telecom market, which makes it difficult to negotiate competitive contracts with telecom providers. A company that operates internationally, for example, will have to sign separate contracts with a national provider and an international one, even if that provider operates under the same name.

Complexity of telecom invoices

The European telecom market is still a work in progress

In comparison with the U.S. the European telecom market is still a work in progress and there are lots of different providers. Those that operate globally also operate on a national level and each country has its own set of rules and regulations. This makes it virtually impossible to negotiate global deals. Finding the best telecom contract for your entire company can be extremely difficult.

Global approach with local expertise

We use our 16 years of knowledge to understand all these different telecom markets. At this stage we have projects running in 50 countries worldwide. Just recently we opened an office in Copenhagen in Denmark. This Scandinavia branch will help us provide our Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish customers with even better service than before. A local office will make collaboration with both customers and providers even easier.

Next to the Copenhagen office and our HQ in the Benelux we opened an office in Grand Rapids, Michigan (U.S.) through a collaboration with CBI Telecommunication Consultants. This made it possible to take on global telecommunication projects (mobile telephony, fixed telephony, networks and combinations thereof) by drawing on local expertise. Due to our cooperation with IBM we have the regions of AsiaPac and Africa covered as well. 

We run projects for enterprises with branches in Europe, the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Asia and Africa. Personally I like the intercontinental ones, because those are challeging.

11 % of telecom invoices are incorrect

In addition to optimising telecom projects, it's also important to maintain a clear overview of employee data usage. We give companies detailed insight into their data usage, which leads to more efficient and effective smartphone use and cost savings of 20 to 30 percent.

We also analyse monthly invoices sent by telecom providers. Internal research has shown that 11 percent of these invoices are incorrect. The growing complexity of data plans makes it incredibly difficult for providers to process error-free invoices in their systems. Although it is difficult to our opinion they're still responsible for the bills they send clients.


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